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When You Think About Protecting Your Lungs, Do You Think of Bile?

I bet you aren’t thinking about bile when you think of how to protect your lungs from Coronavirus.

Well, if you’ve been affected by mold, you should. Bile is part of a protective compound in our lungs called surfactant. And surfactant plays a role in lung immunity. Listen to learn how.

That’s right! Bile → Surfactant → more protected lungs

How do we make and move more bile? Bitters!

My favorites are Sweetish Bitters by Gaia Herbs and Bittersweet Elixir by Wise Woman Herbals (no affiliation other than pure love!)


Hi, Dr. Jill Crista here, sharing a little Coronavirus tip for people who’ve been made sick from mold.

If you’ve been made sick from mold, your bile gets gummed up – and why that’s important is that bile plays a critical role in something called Surfactant, which protects your lungs.

A lot of people don’t know that Surfactant plays a role in lung immunity; it tags pathogens so our immune system can more easily gobble them up, it reduces the inflammatory response (which is especially important if you have asthma and you’ve been exposed to viruses that affect the lungs), and it overall plays in concert with our immune function.

So the way to make more and move more bile (my favorite way) is BITTERS!

Taking bitters at your 2 largest meals of the day helps to make more and move more bile, so you can help boost up your lung immunity.

So you can take back your health, and conquer mold.

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