My Favorite Footbath

When my patients used to ask whether they should try Footbaths for detox, I used to shrug and say, “Couldn’t hurt.” I didn’t see the harm but also didn’t believe they helped.

That’s until a patient had a noteworthy response from a single treatment at a health fair. Her symptoms of over 7 years had all but gone. Out of curiosity, I reran her labs and was stunned to see that a once stubborn lab marker had normalized. I had to sit up and take notice. As I hit the books to learn more, I became a fan.

To date, therapeutic Footbaths have been one of the few things to reduce weed killer (glyphosate) levels on my patients’ labs.

Safe to use with kids!

As I write in my book, A Light in the Dark for PANDAS & PANS:

Footbaths work best when the nutritional, electrolyte, movement, and sleep puzzle pieces are in place. Many of us have experienced, however, that you can be doing all the right things and still not improve. If weed killer exposure is the reason, Footbaths might help.

This ain’t your grandma’s Footbath, though—this specific type of Footbath system is required.

This Footbath system uses a pad in a bucket of water that your child rests his feet on. The pad emits a biocompatible frequency to create a field of ionization. This ionized field helps to draw oppositely charged particles from ion channels, opens voltage-gated channels, and stimulates an ion flux across cell membranes. In simple terms, it causes a brief “cell skin” wash.

The environmental exposures involved with PANDAS and PANS create channelopathies, or “clogged” channels. This includes glyphosate, mold, heavy metals, and eEMFs. Excess histamine can do this too.

Different kinds of gunk require different ways to bump it off the cell. The brief on-off polarization during a Footbath allows the cell to clean things up from channels related to electrical frequency rather than molecular tollways.

It also has a relaxing effect.

The water will turn interesting colors. While the technicians may attribute different colors to different maladies, I haven’t found a direct correlation. I think these claims lead to the discounting of the treatment.

The other way people like to discount this treatment is due to the fact that the water will turn colors even if there aren’t any feet in the bucket. Of course it will. Polarizing will affect the ions in the water. If anything, this proves to me the mechanism of action.

For the best effect, this is done every day for 3 days in a row, and then take one to four days off. On the days off, the child takes an electrolyte formula throughout the day and glycine at bedtime (see the next section, “Glycine”). This pattern can be repeated until the weed killer (glyphosate) labs normalize.
Symptoms often improve related to immunity, digestion, and neuropsychiatric symptoms such as anxiety.