My Favorite CPAP Cleaner

Is your CPAP machine the source of your mold sickness?

Believe it or not, CPAP machines can host molds and bacteria if they aren’t cleaned properly. These molds and bacteria can harm your health.

In my book, I tell the story of a patient who’s CPAP was leading to dementia symptoms. When the building inspector could find no signs of mold in the home, she recommended that we test the CPAP. We were shocked! It was full of Aspergillus and Endotoxins.

This can be avoided with proper cleaning and maintenance.

SoClean is my go-to CPAP cleaner.

I like SoClean because:

  • It’s effective. SoClean uses ozone which is effective against molds and bacteria.
  • It’s safe. The ozone is kept within the system so it doesn’t get out into your room air.
  • It’s easy. No need to disassemble your equipment every morning.
  • It doesn’t add humidity. There’s no water involved.
  • It runs automatically. Perfect for those with “mold brain”.

Make sure your good night’s sleep is a clean night’s sleep.