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Could you be sick from mold? Many people are and they don't even know it.

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Doctors, are you missing mold illness in your patients?



Dr. Jill's hope is to improve your health through education and empowerment.

After over a decade in private practice, Dr. Jill Crista has shifted her focus to teaching, writing, and research. Her goal is to bridge the gaps in understanding between the research world and what’s practiced in the clinical setting. She’s the author of international best-seller Break The Mold, and a nationally recognized speaker on neuroinflammatory conditions such as brain injury, mold illness and autoimmune encephalitis. She develops courses for the public and for medical practitioners seeking continuing education. During her time as director of two integrative medicine clinics, Dr. Jill learned the power of a team approach to medicine, especially with an engaged, informed, and willing patient. Miracles can truly happen.

We encourage you to use our site as an educational resource and inspiration to begin your healing journey.

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