My Favorite Structured Water

Like having a mountain stream under your sink.

Healthy cells are hydrated with structured water – water that lines up in a certain way. When water is structured, it acts as a better conduit of nutrients, electrical charges, and does a better job of moving waste products out of the cell and cellular spaces.

In our bodies, water is structured through movement. In nature, it’s structured by movement as well – by bouncing along a rocky stream, or tumbling over a waterfall or crashing wave. This system mimics the rock layers, geology, and other properties found in nature. It’s called an Ecosystem in a Box.

This system doesn’t simply structure the water, it purifies, remineralizes, and then structures it. It’s the whole package!

My patients have reported the following benefits after adding this system:

  • better energy
  • clearer thinking
  • improved heart rate variability (HRV)
  • reduced pain
  • less joint creaking
  • improved sleep
  • improved mood

As I write in my book, A Light in the Dark for PANDAS & PANS:

Part of what stores the charge in our battery backup system is a special form of water called Structured Water. We need to hydrate with the”right” water.
You might be thinking, big deal, water is water is water, right? Wrong.

Water is one of the most magical, morphable molecules. It can be ice, liquid, vapor, and a fourth form or phase. The fourth form is “living water”. It’s vital. It sustains life.

This form of water helps conduct the electrical impulses of the brain and nervous system. It also shoves out impurities, such as weed killer. It’s referred to as exclusion zone water because it excludes toxins.

Structured water shoves out weed killer.

We can make this form of water simply by moving. This is why I’m a movement czar. We are built to move. I’m also a big fan of drinking specific water to maximize the amount of this fourth form of water.

In my book on mold called Break the Mold, I recommend spring water, which is highest in this form of water. Water in nature becomes structured as it bounces along a rocky brook.

New technologies have been developed to filter and mimic the babbling brook that forms spring water.