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Dust Is Like Jimmy Johns For Mold

Want freaky fast mycotoxin delivery?

Easy, don’t dust.

That’s right. Dust is like the Jimmy Johns for mycotoxin delivery. One deep breath in a moldy environment and you’ve just been delivered mycotoxins from the air, pronto.

Once considered an innocent nuisance, we now know that ultrafine particulate, aka dust, is what carries these toxin bombs around in the air.

Up here in the north, we’re at the season where our homes have been closed up for many many moons. This is my PSA to remember to dust your space. Has it been awhile?

Turn on some good tunes, make that good smelling cleaning solution, and get going.

It may also be time to change your air filters. Remember, if you don’t change them, then your lungs have to do the work.

Want to know more about air filtration? Check out my learning video where I ask about all the things you need to consider when shopping for an air filter.

Have some fun, make it a family affair, and ‘Dust With Gusto’ !
Make sure you’re delivering only clean air to your lungs.

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