My Favorite Air Filter

Is your air filter protecting you from mycotoxins, viruses, and other ultrafine particulate pollutants?

Watch this short video to see a side-by-side particle-count comparison of air filters. Scroll down for the full video.

This is the air filter I describe in my book. I positively crave the air coming out of this machine, it’s so fresh. The DFS technology clears ultrafine particulate without creating ozone. No-no ozone! Ultrafine particulate is what carries mycotoxins in the air, and they can stay forever suspended in the air, and our lungs!

Before I bought this machine, I tested it with my particle counter, and it’s true to the claim – absolutely ZERO particulate leaves the machine – including mycotoxins. Quarterly maintenance is very easy and only needs an annual filter change.

In short, I use this air filter because:

  • Clears ultrafine particles down to 0.007 microns in size, which is small enough to grab mold spores, fragments, AND mycotoxins
  • What makes it different from other high efficiency filter machines is that the filter medium is “zapped”, which stops anything that’s trapped in the filter from growing, referred to as biostasis
  • Biostasis effect reduces something called “breathe-through” effect, meaning the air passing through the filter doesn’t pick up small fragments or mycotoxins as it flies by
  • “Zapping” causes particles to clump, meaning that the filter medium doesn’t have to be as thick, yet still gets the same results – meaning that it can move more cubic feet of air per minute – meaning more efficient air exchanges
  • Technology used to “zap” the filter medium doesn’t emit dangerous ozone levels
  • Not as noisy as competitors on a comparative fan speed
  • SUUUPER easy maintenance (perfect for those struggling with fatigue)
  • While the purchase cost is on the high side, maintenance costs are lower than competitors

Here’s a video where I show you the difference in particles using the Intellipure Compact, testing my office.

Here’s the full video where I discuss all the things to consider when shopping for an air filter with one of the inventors of the DFS technology used in Intellipure filters – including ease and cost of maintenance, the noise factor, “breathe-through” effect, and more.

Intellipure Compact
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