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Mold Makes You Look Old ????

Mold mycotoxins stop our bodies from making all of our youth-preserving proteins, like keratin & elastin for skin and hair, and actin & myosin for muscles.

Mold Makes You Look Old

Mold can age you. It’s true. Mold gets in the way of protein synthesis and how that makes aging is elastin in our skin and keratin in our hair and muscle, skeletal muscle. So you lose your tone. And so the quickest way to look older is to be exposed to a water-damaged building.

The best way to get rid of it and to get your protein back, your strength back, the elastin in your skin and the fullness of your hair is to treat yourself for mold.

If you’ve been exposed to a water-damaged building or damp building or a musty smelling building, it could be mold that is causing more aging, skin spots and the whole thing.

Treat the mold and keep your youth.

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