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Takesumi Supreme™


By Supreme Nutrition Products
90 vegetarian capsules

May normalize inflammation and support antifungal treatment tolerance.*

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Ingredients in 3 capsules
Takesumi (Carbonized bamboo)   1170mg

Other Ingredients:
Vegetable cellulose capsules

Caution: Contraindicated for persons diagnosed with variegate porphyria.

May normalize inflammation and support antifungal treatment tolerance.*

Dr. Jill’s Commentary
Carbonized bamboo is my favored binder to use surrounding the implementation of antifungals. I lean on this particular product as a reliable agent to sop up excess die-off inflammation. While I don’t use it long term like I do Gentle Bind, it’s super handy to have around for “those days” . . . where the tide of inflammation feels like it’s overtaking your body. When my patients take it for a week or so, the tide recedes without having to have life also recede. This is an excellent ace to have in your cabinet to use when needed.

Some studies suggest that carbonized bamboo also assists with EMF sensitivity – both internally generated through exercise (iEMFs), and externally generated (eEMFs) through such things as 5G, smart meters, baby monitors, and mobile phones. I have found in practice that it indeed reduces the feeling of “fray” in my patients’ nervous systems from EMF exposure.

From The Book
Here are some key points from my book, Break The Mold, so you can see how this PROTECT tool fits into a mold recovery plan.
This picture best describes the steps to recover your health after a toxic mold exposure.

The first solution is to AVOID mold!

AVOIDANCE means getting away from the mold.

FUNDAMENTALS involve specific foods and lifestyle factors that can greatly improve your ability to conquer mold.

PROTECT and REPAIR is accomplished with targeted nutrients to manage the toxic damage from mycotoxin exposure.

FIGHT means conquering fungal overgrowth in your body.




*This statement has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease.

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