is mold affecting your health?

Have you been told there’s nothing wrong with you, but you know something’s off?

It might be mold.

can you recognize mold sickness?

1 in 4 buildings have had enough water damage to grow toxic mold.

If this has happened where you live, work, or spend a lot of time, mold could be affecting your health and you don’t even know it.

Use the symptom questionnaire inside to find out.

Learn what mold experts know

Be able to spot the symptoms of mold sickness, and then learn what to do about it.

Become your own mold expert.


Dr. Jill Crista is a nationally recognized educator on illnesses associated with mold and mycotoxin exposure.

She shares what she learned after over a decade working with people struggling with chronic diseases related to mold.

Their struggle inspired her to seek out the truth behind their strange and peculiar symptoms.

She developed a unique treatment approach building research findings onto the foundations of her naturopathic education and philosophies.


“Great book. Clear, factual and excellent scientific explanations!” W Fawcett

“Concise explanation of what needs to get done to clear mold out. Dr. Crista is a godsend to mold sufferers.” R Roberts

“Dr. Jill Crista's book has been a lifesaver. She has explained in simple but deeply scientific terms how mold has been effecting my body and she explains in a step by step manner how to heal yourself once exposed. All of my symptoms have resolved and I feel so much more empowered on how to identify healthy spaces for me and my family moving forward. I wish I had read this book years ago. It is really a must read.” C Koth



What experts are saying...

Dr. Crista has written one of the best “get right to it” books about mold related illness, causes, treatments and most importantly the process of healing. In three decades of helping very ill patients I have come up against mold and mold related illness repeatedly and struggled to find good (and complete) patient resources. ‘Break the Mold’ is just such a resource and I plan to recommend it and use it in our clinics.
It’s not a matter of IF – it’s a matter of WHEN you will get sick from mold. It’s everywhere and you need to learn how to spot it, treat it and eliminate it. Break the Mold is the guide to get so mold doesn’t get you. Seriously. Get this book.

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tools others have used to conquer mold

Don't be a victim to mold!

Mold can lurk behind walls and under floors, without a trace or scent. If mold is hidden in your environment, it’s affecting you.

Mold causes mysterious symptoms that make it difficult for your doctor to figure out.

Dr. Crista shares additional tips on what she learned while recovering from her own home mold invasion.