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9 Things To Know While You’re Still In Mold


Did you find out that mold is the reason behind your health problems, but you can’t get out?

Frustrating! And possibly paralyzing.

Is there anything you can do? Is it better to wait to start treatment until you can get away from mold? What if it’s going to be months before this is possible?

If this is you, Dr. Jill understands. She’s been there.

This course was created just for you.

She shares the 9 things that have helped her patients suffer less, and have a faster recovery once they’re able to move, remediate, or change jobs.

The information in this course will empower you to take smart, decisive action.


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In one hour, go from feeling stuck to stoked.

Armed with an action plan, with hope restored, Dr. Jill has seen people be able to begin their recovery despite being in the moldy environment.

BUT it takes some savvy. Certain things might make the situation worse.

Learn the well-meaning things that may actually be working against your body as it tries to cope with being exposed to mold.

Avoidance is still the Number 1 Key!

This course is not a replacement for removing yourself from mold. It’s an added tool to handle this very unique predicament.

Implement the 9 things covered in the course to break the mold, and take back your health once you’re free from mold.

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