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Nasal Clear


By Physicians’ Standard
2 oz.

Physicians’ Standard Nasal Clear includes immune-supporting ingredients that work synergistically to help:

  • Promote easier breathing*
  • Support normal mucus production*
  • Support healthy sinus function*
  • Promote respiratory health*
  • Promote cellular health*

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In stock


Proprietary Blend:
Distilled Water
Methyl Sulphonyl Methane
Betain Anhydrous
Isotonic Saline
Silver Water
Adya Concentrate
Chaga Powder
New Vi
Ozonated (Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Clove Oil, Wormwood Oil,
Walnut Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Marjoram Oil)
Willard’s Concentrate
Castor Oil
Bitter Almond Oil
Cinnamon Bark
Evening Primrose Oil
Flax Seed Oil
Clove Bud Oil
White Thyme Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Wormwood Oil
Black Cumin
Coconut Oil
Walnut Oil
Pumpkin Oil Surfactant
Benzalkromium Chloride
Orange Oil
Hydro Oxygen

Free from:
Gluten, grain, GMO

May cause nasal irritation.


  • May promote easier breathing*
  • May support normal mucus production*
  • May support healthy sinus function*
  • May promote respiratory health*

Dr. Jill’s Commentary
Biofilm be gone! I use this blend for those with stubborn biofilm, especially when MARCoNS and MRSA are around. This is not usually where I start with nasal antifungals. I use this when other means didn’t reduce or eradicate the sinus issue, and before we turn to pharmaceuticals.

The ozonated oils are fantastic at uncovering microbes that have been hiding out in the sinuses, or even in the tonsils as a spot to wait out the daily sprays. No more hiding! Ozonated oils allow for deeper penetration.

This is also one of my favorite travel/exposure blends.

This formula may cause irritation of the sinunasal tissue. My patients often rotate this one every 2-3 days, substituting with a gentler antifungal such as propolis spray to soothe tissue in between.

From The Book
Here are some key points from my book, Break The Mold, so you can see how this FIGHT tool fits into a mold recovery plan.
This picture best describes the steps to recover your health after a toxic mold exposure.

The first solution is to AVOID mold!

AVOIDANCE means getting away from the mold.

FUNDAMENTALS involve specific foods and lifestyle factors that can greatly improve your ability to conquer mold.

PROTECT and REPAIR is accomplished with targeted nutrients to manage the toxic damage from mycotoxin exposure.

FIGHT means conquering fungal overgrowth in your body.



*This statement has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease.

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