Phosphatidylcholine food sources

Bile can get sludgy with mold mycotoxin exposure.
Because mold toxins are dissolved and stored in bile, which can get overwhelmed if there’s more toxin than bile.
Why does that matter?
Because bile is one of the body’s detox strategies to deal with mold toxins.
We need PC (phosphatidlycholine) to make clean bile, dilute toxins, and keep detox moving efficiently.
Unfortunately, foods high in PC have gotten a bad rap in the last few “fat-phobic” decades.
I get it.
I’m afraid of toxic fats from poorly fed and mistreated animals too! That doesn’t yield healthy, happy food.
Most of the “fat is bad” studies were using eggs from caged-up chickens fed all manner of chemically-altered food.
🔎 This isn’t the PC we’re looking for.
Find ethical food sources, on par with your beliefs.
Vegetarian? No problem. Organic nuts, seeds, and soy are your game.
Omnivore? Chose cage-free, grazing, and wild sources whenever possible.
Humans have been eating these foods healthfully before the chemical age. We need this critical nutrient.
Go nuts!!! 🌰