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Has your give a sh*t done got along?

Has your give a sh*t done got along?

That’s Wyoming speak for “burnout”.

When your give a sh*t has “done got along,” it means your care/concern/mood/smile/#give-a-sh*t has full-on left the barn, it’s out of the gate, and nowhere to be found.

If you’re having trouble giving a sh*t, you better check your Vitamin D!

Low Vitamin D = low mood

When my patients are low in Vitamin D, they are more easily overwhelmed and stuck in “paralysis mode” – not the way you need to be when facing important decisions around mold exposure.

This leads to delays in making decisions, letting others sway your opinion, or worse, deciding to just do nothing about the mold problem.

Don’t let mold win.

Get your give-a-sh*t back!

Optimize your D.


Did your give a sh*t done got along?

There’s a phrase in Wyoming where I was raised when someone was having a bad day they’d say, my give a sh*t’s done got along. Meaning it’s outta the barn, through the gate, and nowhere to be found. 

Now if this is happening once in a while, everybody has a bad day. But if this is kind of you every day and you’ve been exposed to a water damaged building, specifically mycotoxins, this could be low vitamin D.

In my patients with low vitamin D, they have completely lost their give a sh*t. And you really need to give a sh*t because you have a lot of decisions to make. I want you to want feel better to make those kinds of decisions that you need to make about your building, your lease, finding solutions, that kind of thing. 

So if you have  low vitamin D, mycotoxins we have found will reduce the number of receptors that you have. So even if you’re taking the perfect vitamin D, even the perfect form, it may be that you’re not getting enough. So I try to have my patients hover between 60 and 90 nanograms per milliliter, so we can bump up those receptors of vitamin D and they can get their stores back. 

But you cannot only do it with supplements alone. You must get outside. This is the conversion of vitamin D into its active form. Tell your body you want vitamin D by being exposed to the sun so you can get your sh*t back, conquer mold, and take back your health.

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