☀️ Good morning sunshine!

Start your day outside for a healthier and happier you! ✨

4 benefits of starting your day outside ⬇️

1️⃣ Exposure to natural light is essential for regulating your circadian rhythm, also known as your body’s internal clock. This can lead to improved energy levels, better sleep quality, and increased alertness throughout the day. 

2️⃣ Fresh air can have a positive impact on your respiratory system which is the key to healthy lungs.

3️⃣ Nature has a calming effect on our minds and bodies. Spending time outside in the morning can help set a positive tone for the rest of your day, reducing feelings of anxiety.

4️⃣ Starting your day outside allows you to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the world around you, fostering a sense of gratitude and mindfulness, and healing your nervous system.

Even spending just 20 minutes outside each morning, can improve your well-being! 

DOI: 10.1080/09603123.2019.1577368


Good morning sunshine!

What’s your favorite way to say good morning?

Is it rise and shine? Top of the morning. Look alive? Or my personal favorite, wakey wakey eggs and bakey.

Whatever way it is, say it to yourself nice and early so you can get up, get out of bed, get outside, and get some sun on your face. I’m trying to do that. This is gonna help reset your circadian rhythm. Very important. 

But what we’re not talking about very much and is super important is our nervous system. Our nervous systems have been under attack lately. And so it’s time to nourish and reset them. I’ll be talking more about the nervous system in future videos. But the most important thing is to start your day with a sweet phrase, with a smile, and a little bit of sunshine on your face. And getting outside.

So, look alive. Get up, get your buns out of bed, get outside.

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