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What if you don’t have a gall bladder?

Can you still get better from mold?


I talk non-stop about bile, bile, bile and how you need it to exchange the mycotoxin-loaded oils in your body with healthy, clean oils and essential fats.

So what if you’ve had your gall bladder removed?

No problem!

We make bile in our liver. So if you have a liver, you can heal from mold.

With my patients, we make a small tweak to how we do binders.

Since the bile is constantly dripping into the intestines, insoluble fiber and other binders do a better job of picking up the bile when used more frequently.

Conquer mold, take back your health!


What is you don’t have a gall bladder? Can you still get better from mold? 


The good news is the gall bladder is just a storage sack. Where we make bile is our liver. So if you have a liver you can get better from mold.

But we do make some minor tweaks if someone is missing a gall bladder. Since there’s no storage sack there the bile is drip, drip, dripping all throughout the day. So rather than taking insoluble fiber binder once a day, we spread it out with every meal so that we can be picking up some of that bile and have a more efficient oil change to get rid of those mycotoxins.

So if you’re missing a gall bladder, no problem, you can still get better from mold. Just make some minor tweak. So you can conquer mold and take back your health.

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