Sinus safe NOT lung safe.

This is a Public Service Announcement from me to you.

Don’t assume that if something can be sprayed into the nose that it is also safe to be inhaled into the lungs with a nebulizer.

No No No.

These are very different tissues and lungs are very tender tissues.

Things made for nasal application can go in the nose with a nasal atomizer, nasal spray, or Neti pot. These droplets are too large to get into the lungs if breathed in or sniffed.

But do not use things made for nasal application in a respiratory nebulizer for the lungs. These droplets are small and may pass into the lung tissue.

Please use the guidance of a mold-literate doc and compounding pharmacist to guide what is safe for lungs.


Hey. Quick PSA.

Things that you can put in your sinuses you can’t necessarily put in your lungs. 

You can atomize things in your sinuses safely but not necessarily in the lungs. Actually very few things can be put into the lungs. The lungs are very, very, tender tissue.

So I’m just wanting to spread the word here because I’m seeing a lot of things like, “Oh, well she uses this for sinus mold maybe if I have, if I’m worried I have lung mold I can just use it in my lungs.” No! 

We see this with vaping. That it is not necessarily the nicotine or the THC or whatever, CBD that they are putting into the vapes. It was the oils and the resins that were causing the lung damage. Same thing with a lot of things that we put into the nose for mold. When we’re using the sinuses this is very hardy tissue. This is kinda like the top of our gut tube. Lungs are very, very, very different.

So please, please, please, please use things that I’m recommending for sinuses for the nose and the sinuses and not the lungs. And please, please work with a doctor and a talented compounding pharmacist to make you things that are safe to go into your lungs so that we don’t add to the lung stress. We have enough going on right now with all that’s going on in our environment, the pandemic and what not. Let’s not add more stress to the lungs. So you can conquer mold, keep breathing, and take back your health.

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