What is the Path of Inhaled Mycotoxins?

What is the path of inhaled mycotoxins? In a water-damaged building exposure, mycotoxins follow this path:


-respiratory linings

-soak into blood vessels

-go anywhere in the body that blood goes

-any not filtered out by kidneys

-go to the liver

-get packaged up in bile

-go to the gut

-picked up by bile binder


Big picture, we gotta bind that bile!

That’s why I focus so much on Bile Movers and things that bind bile, such as added insoluble fiber (psyllium husk, flax, chia, bran).


What’s the path of mycotoxin?

The path of the mycotoxin through the body in a water-damaged building exposure is from our respiratory passages where the mycotoxins, because they’re fat soluble, they can just soak right into our capillaries. They don’t need a carrier protein, they don’t need any special enzyme. They can just move right through into our capillaries and then they’re soaked into the blood vessels where they can go anywhere in the body that they want to.

So the body knows this and it tries to detoxify them in one of three basic ways. The number one is kidneys, then liver, then gut, for most mycotoxins. Each one is a little bit different.

So the kidneys, that will filter out our blood and make urine, that’s why we can test them on a urine mycotoxin test. And in the liver, that liver will package those into bile. So each mycotoxin needs to be processed in a slightly different way, but they end up in the bile, which is why we use binders, because we try to interrupt that bile recirculation. We’re very good bile recirculators.

So in a water-damaged building exposure, that’s why I put so much focus on binding bile, because the liver knows how to package each one of those up individually.

And then in the gut, we can use things that will help the gut to hydrolyze and support the gut wall. 

So that’s the path of the mycotoxin, from breath to kidney, liver, gut. That’s why mycotoxins can affect the whole body and any kind of system and almost any kind of symptom, unfortunately.

So that’s information for you, so you can conquer mold and take back your health.

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