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Last Call for the Detox Train

Seasonality matters with detox.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, around the end of August is the last call to get on the detox-with-ease train.

Our metabolic fuel sources change with the seasons. The warmer seasons are the perfect time to focus on detoxing mycotoxins, because the season supports our bodies to get rid of them—cleansing liver pathways, kidney depurification, and making and moving more bile.

Starting around mid-September, our metabolisms will shift to a metabolic fuel that also shifts how we detox, and bile’s focus will be more on storing nutrients—not so much on detox.

If you’ve been putting off detoxing because you’ve been given the idea that it takes a whole diet plan and fasting and coffee enemas and sauna etc etc — that’s not necessary.

📖 It can start with the simple tools I talk about in my book.

– bitter greens
– cruciferous veggies
– good fats

And focus on nutrients that support our organs of detoxification.

But sometimes all you’re up for is to take a pill. I get it. That’s what the easy train is all about.

My favorite supplement for this is MycoXpel by Alight Health, because it’s an all-around detox enhancer that supports the flow of detox that this season is already stimulating — without the rigamarole of the “perfect” detox plan.

So if you’ve been putting it off, the time is now to get on the detox train!


Last call for the detox train.

Seasonality matters with detoxification. And I live in the northern hemisphere. It’s August right now and we are just about to turn to where detoxification is made a little more complicated. 

We burn different fuels in different seasons. In the warmer months we burn a certain fuel that makes detoxification super easy to do. We almost have to just do a tiny diet change and it’s done for you. When we shift into the winter months, our system shifts into a different fuel. The warmer months those fuels do kidney depurifcation, liver cleansing, making and moving more bile for the purpose of detoxification. When you get to the cooler months, no matter where you live, even if you’re not getting snowed on, our fuel changes. The metabolic fuel that our body chooses changes and bile’s focus changes. Bile’s focus becomes holding on to nutrients so that we can survive the season. Things like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, E, CoQ10, all of these things that bile is supposed to be helping us preserve. That’s why we recycle so much of it. 

So we are just at that window. If you’ve been putting it off this is a really good time to get in a detox before the cooler months. But you may have been putting it off. Why? Because there’s so many rules out there. I’ve noticed out here on social media there’s like you have to kick it off with a fast, or don’t kick it off with a fast, eat a certain diet, or don’t eat a certain diet, do coffee enemas, do saunas, sweating, journaling, meditating. There’s all of these rules that have cropped up about detoxification. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. 

Get on the easy train. Start with the simple tools in my book. Start with diet change. These are diet changes that are going to help you no matter what metabolic fuel you’re burning. Eat bitter greens. Eat cruciferous vegetables that are high in sulforaphanes. Essential fatty acids, foods high in essential fatty acids. Choose the nutrients that help support detoxification. If you do it in this window where the detoxification is easy you don’t have to do really big changes to make a big difference. 

I get it if you’re just like I don’t have the energy, I’m not in my own home. I can’t do the diet. Then you can use a pill form and it can be easy that way too. My go-to is MycoXpel for this purpose. 

So you know just don’t put it off anymore. It’s the last window. Hop on the easy train with me so you can conquer mold and take back your health.

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