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More Mycotoxins On Your Retest?

Did you retest your urine mycotoxins and found more mycotoxins on your retest than your first test? Maybe even new mycotoxins are showing up?

Are you freaked out and making panic calls??

Put the phone down for a sec. Knowing what a test is telling us is part of the art of medicine.

If you are:
-out of mold
-peeling the orange
-eating a low-mold high-fiber diet
-taking supplements that support detoxification
-feeling a tad better
Then the results on this test are a good sign!

It means that your body is doing exactly what we want it to do – getting rid of the toxic burden through waste.

Go body! 👊🏻

Okay, but what if you don’t feel better or haven’t been able to leave mold yet? Then having more mycotoxins can be a sign that you’re getting more exposure. If that’s the case, check out my course 9 Things To Know If You’re Still In Mold for steps to take to stay as well as possible until you can get out or remediate.

And keep the faith, you will win against mold! I see it every day. 🤗


Are you finding more mycotoxins on your retest than you did on your original?

Kinda more normal than not, actually.

So if you did a urine mycotoxin test to get started on this mold journey and you got going on treatment, you got going on detox and maybe you’re to the antifungal stage and now you retested and you found mycotoxins associated with different molds than on your first test, don’t get freaked out. That’s part of the process. Completely normal and a sign that your body is unburdening from the toxic burden. 

Maybe you had that exposure ages ago but now you’re finally providing the things to your body to get rid of them. Maybe it was part of this recent exposure. We really don’t know with urine mycotoxin testing. But if you’re finding more mycotoxins and you start to feel defeated, don’t feel defeated. Feel the other way. That is showing up in your urine because your body’s getting rid of it. That’s how that works. Detox.

So keep on the detox. Maybe you need a little more support. Talk with your doc so you can break the mold and take back your health!

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