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Is Your Detox Plan Missing This?

Don’t forget to Nourish!

I’m encouraged that more and more people are understanding that detoxification of mycotoxins is an important part of mold recovery. But I’m a little concerned by the trend I’m seeing where all the focus is going toward removal, but the replacement part is forgotten.

Balance detox with nourishment. By replenishing the nutrients involved with the removal of toxins, the whole system works better – and you don’t have to feel so cruddy through the process.

That means ~
💧 Hydration so you can sweat
🥦 Bioflavonoids to fuel detox pathways
🥑 Healthy oils so you can dilute the toxins
😴 Getting enough rest

It’s not all bitters and bile. You also need soothing, tenderness, and nourishment. 

Balance is the key to break the mold and take back your health!

ps – having trouble staying hydrated? You aren’t alone. Check out my video blog series on hydration starting with Why Spring Water with Mold.


Are you remembering the nourish part of your detox plan?

It’s so cool that people are understanding that we need detox for mold recovery. But I’m seeing that we’re missing the nourishment part quite a bit.

Detox is about getting things out of the body that we don’t want. The nourish part is about putting things in you do want. Things that are protective. Things that help you detoxify. Maybe your detox plan involves doing detox for a few days and nourish for a few days and you alternate. That’s up to you and your doc; but make sure that you’re thinking about nourishment. 

It’s just like with my garden. I don’t just weed it, I water it. I give it worm castings. I give it things that will nurture good growth. We want to see the same thing for you. So making sure you’re hydrated so you can sweat. Enough bioflavonoids so that you can detoxify safely. Enough good oils so that you can do an oil change and exchange out the yucky, gunky mycotoxin oils for good, healthy oils. 

These are all part of the nourishment part so that you can detox healthfully to break the mold and take back your health!

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