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2 “Number 2’s” 💩💩

Have you ever wondered how Goldilocks and poop are similar?

No?…. Just me? 😉🙃

It’s the “just right” principle. Not enough daily BMs and you could be reabsorbing mold toxin. Too much and you could be losing necessary nutrients to feed you and your gut immunity.

It all has to do with how often you poo!
2 number 2’s per day is “just right.”

If you struggle with constipation, you might be thinking – I wish! 2?
If you struggle with diarrhea, you might also be thinking – I wish! Only 2?

2 seems to be the magic number for my patients who recover with more ease.

If you’re at 2, you have the microbiome to nourish and defend your intestines. You have the neurotransmitters (made primarily in the gut) to stay calm and focused. You have the bile to detox mycotoxins and the fiber to catch that gunky bile.

A little tip:  those with consistent, formed, sinkable #2s usually have diets high in vegetables – primarily lightly cooked, sautéed, or steamed – and then drizzled with oils or sauces.

So while it isn’t the 3 bears, it is 2 number 2s for mold recovery.
Do what you gotta do to get your poo to 2!


2 “Number 2’s”.

That’s the bowel movement recipe to get better from mold.

If you’re going more frequently than that, you’re flushing out your good microbiome. That makes up our immune system. That helps us metabolize good fat-soluble vitamins that help you get better from mold. Like vitamin A, essential fatty acids, you name it. 

And often, people are told to go on fiber. So they go on something like oats or rice or eat more grains. If you’re sick from mold, you probably just need the bran part of that, not necessarily the whole grain because that can further feed the fungus.

Now what if you’re not going frequently enough? We gotta get things moving. And for my patients laxatives alone were not enough. Laxatives act on the lower colon and we need things that are going to go higher up in the tube and induce bile. Cholagogues, bile movers, the taste of bitter on your tongue and how about just slowing down to taste your food. How about that? That helps in addition to the laxative. So just mag citrate or vitamin C or stool softeners are not quite enough. We need to add things that are getting the whole tube moving so you can get to 2 number 2’s so you can break the mold and take back your health.

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