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Detox Starts With Spit

The smell and taste of food start the engines of digestion and detoxification.

By salivating, chewing our food, and being present to the flavor, texture, and pleasure of eating, we then turn on bile.

Bile is the magical mycotoxin clearing fluid in our bodies, and it relies on our mouth sensations to get it flowing.

So that’s why I say, “detox starts with spit”. 💦 

Spend time with your food.

Smell it before eating.

Be present to how you’re eating.

Sit in gratefulness for the gifts.

And your detox juices will be flowing free and easy so you can conquer mold, and take back your health.


Detox starts with spit.

Kinda gross but true. 

So our salivation is the trigger that turns on all the downstream cascade of things. That means stomach acid. That means bile. That means insulin. And all the enzymes to help us digest our food.

If you’re not mixing your food and tasting your food in your mouth, the rest of that is blunted. Detox is highly driven, from mold, from bile secretion, bile making and bile catching with binders. But if you’re not here, if you’re not paying attention here, all of that stuff you’re going to have to chase after with prebinders and cholagogues, and bitters and those kind of things.

So, yeah, detoxing from mold starts with spit. Mixing your food, salivating, smelling, having an experience with your food, that is how you maximize your detox so you can conquer mold and take back your health!

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