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How Cold Weather Gets In The Way Of Mold Detox

Which is more fluid at room temp?
Butter? or olive oil?
Right! Olive oil.

Now, chill that runny olive oil in the fridge and see what happens…it becomes as thick as butter.

As the weather turns ❄️colder❄️, fluids get thicker and more stagnant, slowing down the supply line. This even happens with the fluids in our bodies, such as bile.

Bile is the fluid we bind with binders in mold treatment. A cold weather season slow-down of bile movement may be causing a slow-down of your healing progress.

And as the weather turns colder, we also spend more time indoors.🏠

If your mold exposure is from your indoor space – AND you have thickened bile from the colder season change – you may need to prime that pump with bitters.

My favorite bitters?
✨Gaia Herbs Sweetish Bitters
✨Wise Woman Herbals Bittersweet Elixir

Traditionally these are used in cooler seasons to keep digestive juices flowing.

Just 5-10 drops on the tongue does the trick!


Quick question. Is it easier to mix things into butter or olive oil? Hopefully you answered olive oil.

What happens when you’ve been exposed to a moldy building is those mold toxins, mycotoxins, gum up your bile which is one of the kind of oily fluids in our body that detoxifies mold toxins. So if it’s more gummed up, if it’s more like butter, it’s going to be harder to dilute out those toxins. If it’s more like olive oil, it’s going to be easier, it’s going to be flowing.

Well guess what happens in this season? The season right here in the Fall. As the weather starts to get cold, not only do waters starts to freeze up but bile and things that move fat through our bodies also start to slow down. 

So in this season you may need more bitters than you would in a season where things are flowing better. Like in the Spring and the Summer.

So just a little tip, if you are having trouble with constipation it’s a sign that bile may not be moving and you may need a little extra help. 

So you can break the mold and take back your health!

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