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Accumulation vs Detoxification

Which mode is your body in? Which direction is your needle pointing?
Accumulation OR Detoxification.
It can only be to one direction or the other – accumulation of toxins OR getting rid of toxins.

Mold pushes the needle to accumulation, which is a “dis-ease” creating state.

Signs you’re in accumulation?
-can’t poop
-can’t sleep
-chronic dehydration
-anxious feeling
-chemically sensitive to fumes, fragrances, exhaust
-and if gone on long enough, cancer.

If you’ve been exposed to a water-damaged space, you may need a little more detox than the average person.

Conquer mold, take back your health!

Hey, I just finished a podcast with Brian Karr on Mold Finders Radio, and during the interview he stopped me and he said, “explain that a little bit. What do you mean they were healthy enough to show you they had mold toxicity?”
And I’m referring to urine mycotoxin testing.
So there’s this understanding I have about the body – that it can only be in one of two modes. It’s like there’s this dial or this needle that’s going one direction or the other.
It’s either going to accumulation of toxins or detoxification of toxins.
The body wants to be at true north. It wants to be right in the middle, but often in our toxic times it’s stuck over on accumulation. You add mold toxin to that and that’s where someone can get so sick, that they don’t actually show up as a positive on a urine
mycotoxin test until they’re well out of that moldy building (sometimes even years out, depending on diet and whatnot.)
So what are the factors that make me think that somebody is in that hyper-accumulation mode?
First of all, the scariest one is any cancer diagnosis.
But other things that are less serious and a little more of indicators is:
-if you can’t poop
-if you can’t sleep
-that you get very dehydrated
-that you feel anxious, and
-key is where you can’t go into the grocery store laundry detergent aisle, or
-you don’t burn candles
-you can’t follow a car too close in front of you because you have a reaction.
That means your needle is a little too close on the accumulation side and you need to be working on some things that help you detoxify safely.
So I just wanted to explain.
That was a fun conversation. Hope you can catch it on Mold Finders Radio with Brian Karr.

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