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Why Do Mold-Sick People Crave Coffee?

Why the coffee cravings? Bile movement!

Coffee is one of the most powerful bitters on the planet. Bitters such as coffee induce bile flow, which is what carries mycotoxins out of the body through the 💩.

It’s no mystery that global coffee consumption has risen with the tide of toxic exposures, and that includes mold toxins. Mold toxins are fat-soluble, so they need to be detoxed via bile – so we crave bitter the more toxic we are.

The issue? Coffee is commonly contaminated with mycotoxins. That’s why mycotoxin-free coffee, like Bulletproof (no affil) is so important. If it’s something you’re craving, it’s something you will ingest. Make sure you’re ingesting clean coffee!

If you are also a bilophile, make sure to catch the One Thing podcast with Dr. Adam Rinde on Aug 26.

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