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Got Mold? It Might Be Your Dehumidifier

Hey Dr. Jill Crista here with more in my series, Got Mold?.

Well, spring has finally sprung here and you know what that means? Time to plug in your dehumidifiers in your house.

Mold can grow at a humidity of 50% or higher. So if you’re in a humid area get that dehumidifier running in your indoor environment.

A little tip. If you have one of those that you have a hose connected to a drain, flush that hose with some essential oils of either Tea Tree, Thyme, Cedar, Pine, Sage, some kind of essential oil that’s good against fungus and mold so that you don’t grow mold in the tubing. And if you have a dehumidifier that has a bucket catching you can add a little bit of bleach to that if you’re not sensitive to bleach or again essential oils to that bucket so that doesn’t become a reservoir to grow more mold.

Alright happy spring!

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