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Got Mold? Seal & Deal Remediation

Dr. Jill Crista takes a look at remediation techniques that work, and those that don’t.


Today we’re talking about the remediation method of seal and deal. That means you just paint over a moldy area with some kind of sealant paint and deal with it later, see if it comes back. Maybe it’s not a problem. I’m telling you that’s going to make the people that live in that home or in that environment sick.  All of the gases that I’ve talked about that mold can secrete, VOC’s, aldehydes, mycotoxins, alcohols. Those can seep right through that sealant paint. Now another thing is they call that paint “Kilz”, kinda makes you think that maybe it would kill the mold, right? Well, there is nothing in there that kills the mold, it just seals. So no more seal and deal. People will get sick. I go back to my statement that I always say with mold remdiation, when in doubt, cut it out.

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