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PSA – take zinc with food!

Lots of people have discovered zinc for boosting resilience and to help restore their taste and smell. AND lots of people have learned the hard way that they need to take it with food.

Zinc is required to make stomach acid. Add a little zinc and ✨voila ✨ stomach acid increases – like you just drank a whole pot of coffee before breakfast.

My ND training also taught me that zinc and copper share the same absorptive doorway. So if my patients are loading up on the zinc, I make sure it also contains copper at a 10:1 ratio (assuming they don’t have a copper metabolism problem.)

Once inside the body, zinc also needs help getting into cellular doorways. Things that help are called zinc ionophores – such as like quercetin, luteolin, and melatonin.

So if you aren’t seeing the results from taking zinc, talk to your doc about refining your plan.

And please remember – not on an empty stomach! 🤢

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