Purslane Chimichurri

A nutrient class that mold-affected people test low for pretty consistently is essential fatty acids, such as omega 3s. Mold compromises our ability to absorb these and binders can deplete them. Supplemental support of EFAs is one of the fundamental essentials during mold treatment when binders are being used, and highly absorbable triglyceride forms made especially for those with digestive compromise are critical.

But we also need adequate “real food” sources. While fish is one of the best sources, if histamine intolerance is an issue, fish may exacerbate symptoms. That’s when I turn to Purslane!

Purslane adds a lemon-fresh zip to a traditional chimichurri recipe. This “weed” contains one of the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids among land-dwelling plants.

Use as a topping on meats, bean dishes, or eggs, or as a vegetable dip. Also freezes well.