Garlic Sautéed Greens

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Garlic is a miracle plant for Moldies. It’s both antifungal and antiviral, balances blood sugar, and helps protect the cardiovascular system.* This is one of my favorite ways to prepare greens and get my garlic.


*“Supplementation with aged garlic extract improves both NK and γδ-T cell function and reduces the severity of cold and flu symptoms: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled nutrition intervention.” PMID: 22280901


Garlic Sautéed Greens

Hi! Dr. Jill Crista here. I’m now going to talk about garlic. One of my favorite herbs and cooking spices for antifungal, and it’s also been shown in human studies to be antiviral — and that’s real human clinical trials.

So I’m going to share with you how to make my sautéed greens. In my family we eat this probably every day, every other day at least. I was just saying to my recorder nephew that I could probably do this one in my sleep. It’s so easy, so fast.

Here are the ingredients you need
-just a little salt and pepper
-olive oil
-I like to add pine nuts, to increase the essential fatty acids and protein content -some kind of organic greens

-and then I have here two cloves of organic garlic to crush

Most of the time that is enough garlic flavor. If you cook the garlic enough it doesn’t really have a really sharp extra garlic flavor and that’s a way to up the ante on your garlic. For some people two is too much so just use one.

So I’ve already got my pot heated on medium-high heat. You add your olive oil, and I like to use a lot as you can tell. You add your salt, and I love salt. Some cracked pepper and your garlic. And this is two of them we’re just gonna crush that in. You want to start the garlic before you add the greens so it mellows out that sharp flavor of the garlic. And I’m a big fan of these garlic things that open up because we can get all the little garlic parts here. And I add a bit of water to this so that

the garlic doesn’t burn. And we just let that sauté. Now when the garlic starts to brown or just the beginning of getting brown then you add your greens.

So we’re just going to wait one second for that to happen. This is usually when I clean up my space. So you can mix that. You add the water so the garlic doesn’t burn. And if you have seen the fish video, the fish is in the oven right now you guys and it smell so good to have this sautéed garlic. Okay so I’m gonna for time move this along. But this you want to make sure it’s sautéing and hot enough. Probably about three or four minutes. I go ahead and just really make sure that garlic gets good and cooked before I add the greens. And there you’re starting to see it steam up. The reason is that garlic flavor can get really sharp when you use this much garlic. So now we just add the greens. And if you like the sharp flavor, don’t wait.

So we just kind of get that water mixed in then we add our greens. I usually go in and pick out any of the greens that don’t look so dandy. They’re usually on the bottom. But you know this is great lazy cooking. I didn’t have to prep any of those greens. Someone else did that for me. And then with the greens we just wait until they get wilted on one side. It’s taking a while for my pan to heat up.

Oh I forgot my pine nuts. This is good because you can see what to do if I goof up, how to fix it. The pine nuts I usually add when I add the garlic so that they brown up a little bit. So let’s get those babies in there. I’m gonna create a little hole for them. So you get them right in the grease.

Smelling pretty good guys. And then you sauté this probably for another three or four minutes. This is what I do while the fish is baking so that when the fish comes out of the oven I have a complete meal with tons of greens and vegetables. You can just flip it over in your pan. They will run away from your spatula. So just flip those greens over. Get them on the bottom. We’re getting close to the end. You see they’re wilting really nice. This is a greens mix that contains chard and kale and spinach. Spinach cooks much faster than the other ones you can see that. If you’re doing spinach only this would be done by now and you’d take it off the heat. But since we have the chard in here we’re gonna make sure we get it down and voila off the heat. You have yourself a wonderful garlicky pan of greens. Antifungal, high in bioflavonoids, and protects you from viruses. That’s pretty good.

That’s it for today.

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