Easy Roasted Chicken

This dish is exceptionally simple, especially when you look at how little time is necessary to make this crowd pleaser. I make it at least once per week for my family.



Hi! Dr. Jill Crista here. I wanted to show you how I make a very fast, very easy chicken for my family. I have a lot of requests to show you guys how to do this from people who’ve been to my house and have had this chicken and are like “Wow, what did you do? This must have taken forever.” It takes no time at all. You can’t even imagine.

So I just basically get a whole chicken. You want to find one that doesn’t have any antibiotics and has been cage-free so it’s been able to run around. That’s the most humane way to raise a chicken. So it doesn’t matter on brand; just those are the things that I look for. It makes a much better flavor. And a Dutch oven. And you’re going to be using this Dutch oven without the lid on top. So I have it set aside so you can see. And then just some spices. What I do is make a mix of things. I will put just a teeny bit of seaweed pulverized in a coffee grinder. I put all of this in a coffee grinder and pulverize it. A little parsley, a little sage, shiitake mushroom if you’re beyond your mold treatment and you can start having medicinal mushrooms again then a little shiitake mushroom. This gives that “umami” flavor that’s so good. And then garlic salt and that’s it. I pre-mix this because I make this at least once a week – at least, if not twice a week. So I pre-mix all those spices, grind it up in a coffee grinder and then that goes into an easy shake that I shake on top.

So basically here’s what you do. You just open your chicken. Do not rinse it because that can actually encourage bacteria to go back into the bird. And then you stick it in your Dutch oven. You want to search it for the innards just in case and then because this is raw chicken that I just touched, I’m going to go wash my hands and then shake the herbs on top. I will show you what it looks like and then we’ll pop it in the oven.

All right, so here’s what we have. We have our raw chicken. I put enough seasoning on top to basically make sure every bit of skin is covered. If you like a little bit of heat, you can add something like a cayenne pepper or something like that. So the spices use with wild abandon. Any amount of spice; it’s up to you. We like quite a bit of it. This goes in the oven on 400° for one hour and fifteen minutes or one and a half hours depending on whether that chicken was able to come more toward room temperature before you put it in the oven. So I’ll see you back after this baby is done.

And the finished product. This one was an hour and twenty minutes at 400° and we’re going to let it sit a bit to reabsorb some juices. Meanwhile I made whole-grain rice and broccoli and some other greens, sautéed. You can check out my other video Garlic Sautéed Greens.  And that will make our easy, super easy, family dinner.

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