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By Integrative Peptides
60 capsules

Peptide with neuroprotective and cardioprotective activity.*
TB4-FRAG+ dissolves easily in water, so it can be used in children who don’t swallow pills.

A little bit goes a long way with peptides.

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Ingredients in 1 capsule
Thymosin Beta 4 (Active Fragment).  135mcg

Other ingredients:
Microcrystalline Cellulose (Delayed Release Veggie capsule)

Free from:
Gluten, soy

Peptide with neuroprotective and cardioprotective activity.*

Dr. Jill’s Commentary
From my book, A Light in the Dark for PANDAS & PANS:

“TB4, or Thymosin Beta 4, is a useful peptide for PANDAS and PANS.

TB4 is neuroprotective and fortifies the blood-brain barrier. Animal studies suggest a reparative role in a range of encephalopathies. Remember the naughty microglia monkeys? TB4 appears to use an interesting cholinergic pathway to force the naughty monkeys to fall out of the tree and dissolve.

TB4 reduces food sensitivities by fortifying the gut wall barrier integrity. And it’s particularly useful for children exposed to molds that affect the heart muscle. These molds predispose the child to myocarditis from [other causes]. TB4 helps the heart heal its own muscle.
I use TB4-FRAG+ to concentrate the active fragment.”

TB4-FRAG+ dissolves easily in water, so it can be used in children who don’t swallow pills.


*This statement has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease.

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