One of these gals is not like the other.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this from a mold-sick person!
Okay, big reveal:
🔆⚡️mold-related illness is not on the radar of conventional medicine!⚡️🔆
Only mold allergy is.
But there are many many aspects left out of the recognized definition.
In it’s broader understanding, mold-related illness needs to incorporate ~
➢ mycotoxins
➢ rampant inflammation
➢ immune deficiency
➢ gut toxicity
➢ carcinogenesis
➢ genotoxicity
➢ birth defects
(just to name a few aspects left out of the current definition of mold illness)
But current diagnostic criteria only recognize mold allergy.
It’s dizzying really.
DON’T GET BLOWN OFF by the medical system.
Your body is wise.
It’s reacting to something.
Keep digging until you find it.