Timing of Non-Food-Based Binders

Occasionally I’ll use non-food-based binders, especially around times when we know we’re going to “poke the bear”, such as when adding antifungals or antiparasitics.

What are non-food-based binders? Charcoal and clay.

I use charcoal much more often than clay, especially in kids because clay can interrupt absorption of nutrients.

I use these away from food, supplements, and medications because they’re really good mops – and we don’t want to mop up things you need.

The window of time TO AVOID taking these kinds of binders is from 30 minutes before eating or taking supps/meds to 1 hour after eating or taking supps/meds. Any other time is free and open!

And remember, no binders if you’re bound up!


How do I use non-food based binders or do I even use them? That answer is yes, of course I use them. 

So I like to use charcoal or one of my favorite, um, blends is Fiber Flow from Wise Woman Herbals. These are things that I use typically when I have a patient who’s gonna be starting antifungals because we know there’s gonna be die off. We know that there’s gonna be acidity and a change in the microbiome. So those are things that I’ll bring in like, those particular products, around the time of anti adding an antifungal or changing up the antifungal routine. And for those, I use them away from food because they do absorb nutrients. They’re really good mops and we don’t wanna be mopping up your food, your nutrients. So I will use those anywhere in the window from an hour after you ate to an hour before you’re, or a half hour before you’re going to eat. So that little window of time is the timing where I might toss in some charcoal, particularly also for my mold sick patients where we’re treating parasites. Parasites I use quite a bit of charcoal because they, their die off is extremely neurotoxic and really tough on the nervous system. So that’s when I’ll use a lot more charcoal and I will use it multiple times throughout the day away from food. 

The food-based binders you can do with food, they’re super flexible and often we would use both around the times where we’re gonna initiate some kind of die off.

Now for clay, I don’t tend to use clay a ton and I don’t use it for longer, very long term, like probably not longer than a month because it can interrupt the absorption of nutrients and especially in kids. So that’s gonna be zeolite, mediclay, those kinds of things. But when I’m using it, I’m using it for patients who have a lot of endotoxin burden. It’s really good at picking up endotoxins. So if you have a high actinomyces exposure, that might be the time where we bring on clay in addition to the food-based binders. But then once we get that first die-off done, we can just shift to the food-based binders and you can take them with meals. You can check out my other video about that. And that hopefully is clearing up the picture of how I use non-food-based binders so you can break the mold and take back your health.

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