Mold got you backed up?

A lot of time-trusted constipation remedies don’t seem to do the trick when mold is in the picture.


Because most constipation remedies are working to move stool at the end of the digestive tract. 

And that’s not where things initially get hung up with mold.

Laxatives and stool softeners, such as magnesium, vitamin C, or Senna, act by bringing more water to the lower colon to soften and move the 💩. Or they act as a gentle irritant, such as Cascara sagrada, so the colon contracts to get rid of the irritation.

The problem?

Mold and mycotoxins stop progress much higher up the tube, so addressing the lower colon kind of misses the boat.

Mycotoxins tend to reduce bile flow into the small intestine, either by:

  • Reducing stomach acid (which stimulates bile production)
  • Reducing bile production
  • Reducing bile flow

To address stubborn constipation with mold, we often need to focus on optimizing stomach acid, bile production, and bile flow. We may also need the lower colon movers, but with mold, we start at the first sticking point – Bile Movers.

Go higher up to clear the back-up.

And remember, no binders if you’re backed up!


Does mold got you backed up and even laxatives aren’t working?

Not at all uncommon with mold. That’s because mold puts the blockade higher up the tube. Laxatives are working lower down the tube. They’re working on the lower colon. So things like Vitamin C, magnesium, cascara, Senna, these are working the lower part of the colon which is not where mold is putting the blockade. 

Mold’s blockade is between stomach acid and bile making and bile flowing. That’s why with my mold sick patients who struggle with constipation I use bile movers. These are nutrients and herbs that help with making and moving more bile.

Things like methionine, taurine, taurine is an amino acid which makes up a good bile salt. We have to have taurine to make bile. Also herbs that are protecting the living and helping it with its manufacture of bile which is milk thistle, artichoke, beets, those kind of things.

So if you’re struggling with constipation and you’ve been affected by mold and you’ve tried every laxative under the sun and it’s not working, think about going higher up the tube. So you can conquer mold and take back your health.

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