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Is mold unmasking a thing?

Yes! As people with mold-related illness begin to avoid mold exposure, things can look worse.


Our bodies desire health and are designed to expel anything that isn’t for its highest and best good. But mold mycotoxins are good at staying hidden.

Once mold is avoided, it’s easier for the body to recognize that it’s been a problem.

Once mold is identified, its as if a mask is taken off all the systems in the body – like the cells say a collective, “well look at that!”

And then it goes to work to bring things up to the surface, often making symptoms worse.

Or it may even bring up old symptoms from long ago.

The key is to watch your mood.

If mood or hope are elevated, it’s a sign that things are going in the right direction, even if your body doesn’t seem to be getting the memo.


Is mold unmasking a thing?

Yes, very much so.

Usually this happens when someone gets out of their moldy environment and now their body has the energy, the intelligence, it’s almost like “Oh my gosh that was mold and mycotoxins and I don’t want that in my body.” 

Now mycotoxins are really good at lying hidden in the body and so once a person gets out of the mold and doesn’t have to continuously be dealing with those toxins then it’s like a mask is taken off of them and the body says, “Oh look at that. That’s mycotoxins. I don’t want that in here.” So to explain the mechanism I kinda go through that in a video I call Accumulation vs. Detoxification so you can understand. 

But I get a lot of questions from people that are wondering does that mean I’m going in the right direction or the wrong direction? Because when you get mold unmasked you can feel really cruddy even though you’re doing all the right things. You got out of mold. You got started on detoxification support, good fats, binders, bitters, bile movers, all the things and you could be feeling worse. And if that’s happening it’s hard to know if you’re doing the right thing or the wrong things. That’s why I highly recommend working with a mold-literate practitioner to help you determine that. 

But there are some little tips that I can offer. We look at mood and hope. If those have improved, even if your body feels like it’s falling apart. If your mood is better, if you have hope restored you’re on the right track. Just keep going so you can conquer mold and take back your health.

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