Binder Disrupter!

Totally unintentionally, I guess I’m a “binder disrupter” when I mention that I don’t use clay long-term, especially in kids.

I take a lot of lessons from the natural world.

Here in farm country, dairy farmers don’t keep cows on clay long-term because they stop producing milk. If they give it to calves too long, they don’t grow or gain weight.

Hey, we’re not all that different from cows.

I’ve seen kids get more cavities and have nutrient depletions when taking clay too long.

That’s why one of my favorite binder blends, called Fiber Flow, has no clay.

Do I use clay and/or zeolite clay? Sure! Just not long term.


Apparently I’m a binder disrupter. I didn’t really realize this until after I wrote my book and I heard from a lot of people that were pretty upset about the fact that I didn’t talk about all the binders.

You know I was trained by Naturopathic Doctors and so I’m trained a little differently. And one of the things that I’ve learned from animals, I mean that’s the benefit of living in farm country is that I get to talk to people who work with animals, and the dairy farmer in our area does not use clay long term. And especially not with children, not with you know little calves. And I also do not use clay long term and not with little people long term because it can interrupt nutrient absorption and that can be a real problem. He actually talks about that if he has a mamma cow that they have to put on clay because she got some moldy feed she will actually stop making milk if they go too long. So this is a very powerful intervention and I think we need to use it really wisely and learn from the animal kingdom. 

That’s why my favorite binder that I use long term is Fiber Flow by Wise Woman Herbals because it has all the naturopathic full formula thing that we’re looking for. It has insoluble fiber with bran and psyllium husk so if someone can’t get it through their diet that they can take that. It has charcoal and it has things to soothe the gut like marshmallow is very soothing to the gut and it has my magical thing that I love so much is bitters. Cause we’re binding bile so we want to get bile going. What does it not have? Clay.

So do I use clay? Yes. Do I use it long term? No. And do I typically use it with kids? Not in most cases. I do use clay especially if somebody has bacterial overgrowth or an endotoxin or actinomycetes exposure but I only use it in pulsed fashion and not long term.

So that’s how I’m disrupting the binder conversation I guess. But that’s what I can share with you of how I was trained and what I’m learning from the animal world about how you can conquer mold and take back your health!

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