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Sick and tired and need a mini vacay?

Yes, that may be exactly what you need. But maybe not for the reasons you think.

It might be mold!

Patients tell me that they thought they felt better on vacation because they were away from work or the routine of family life.

While this can absolutely be the reason, it may also be mold.

Are you in a quandary about whether your current home or apartment is affecting your health?

Have you filled out the Crista Mold Questionnaire and it showed that it might be mold?

Take a vacay from your space!

This remains the best way to know if you’re still in mold – more predictive than any lab test.

Improvement after a few days to weeks out of the space is one of the most telling signs to figure out if your home is okay.

Plan for 3-7 days (the longer the better) away from home. It’s best if you do this during a normal work week, so you don’t get the vacation effect.

If you feel even a tinge better, pay attention. Or you may even feel dramatically worse at first. That’s also a sign – it’s like your body went into instant detox mode but without support.

Don’t let mold fool you. Being sick and tired isn’t normal.

You deserve vibrant, youthful, whistle-while-you-work energy.

If it’s your space making you sick and tired, call the building experts, and check out my course:

9 Things To Know While You’re Still In Mold


Are you feeling sick and tired and you need a little mini vacay?

That may be exactly what you need but not for the reason that you might think.

I just spoke with some people that were saying, we thought that we felt better on vacation because we were away from work, stress, and the stress of daily life, and the routines of life. When in reality it was because they left their sick building. Every time they would leave they would feel better. They would come home and they would get all their stuff again. 

So this might be happening to you. Think about it. Sick and tired is not a normal state. We deserve vibrant, healthy, whistle-while-you-work kind of energy every day. So if this is not how you’re feeling, check out my questionnaire. You can fill it out and if it shows possible or probable mold take a mini vacay. Only keep the work, keep the routine of daily life so that you don’t get the vacation affect. Leave the space 3-7 days, the longer the better. And if you feel even a smidge better that’s a sign.

What if you feel worse? That can happen too. Because the body goes into detox mode and it doesn’t have detox support. 

So if you feel better or worse that’s a sign.

Now it could be you went into another moldy space. If that’s a worry for you, you feel worse, go to another space and see how you feel. Turns out healthy people who live in healthy homes don’t feel any different when they leave it. So better or worse, that’s a sign.

If you are thinking it might be mold, please hire the experts don’t have your doctor try to navigate checking out your building. And if it is mold, I have a course called 9 Things To Know While You’re Still In Mold. It helps you do all of the things while you’re navigating the remediation, and you’re getting all of the things sorted out. Or if you can’t get out of your rental or something like that, it gives you the tools so that when you do get out of mold your recovery is much faster. So you can conquer mold and take back your health!

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