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Yes! Natural Medicine Works For Mold

Natural medicine is perfectly suited for mold recovery. Pharmaceuticals are not required in most cases.

Mold-related illness is not only a spore-based illness, meaning symptoms caused from exposure to mold spores and spore fragments. Mold-related illness also includes symptoms from off-gassed mold chemicals and mycotoxins.

It’s the whole gamut – spores, spore fragments, chemicals, and mycotoxins.

This means that treatments need to address the full spectrum of causes – from toxicity to fungal overgrowth.

Enter the herbs!

Herbs work using multiple mechanisms, allowing us to use one herbal remedy to address more than one problem.

For example, the antifungal herbs in my book not only knock back the fungal overgrowth, they also:

  • have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • protect the organs of detoxification
  • and improve immune responses

This broad spectrum of activity teaches us that nature already knew that conquering mold wasn’t just about fighting mold, but also managing inflammation and toxicity.

Herbs are also safe to use over long periods of time. Fungus is tenacious. People often need many months of treatment to truly conquer mold. Herbs give us a nice, long window of treatment safety.

I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of times where herbs and nutrients were all that was needed for complete recovery.

That’s why I start with nature first, and add pharma only when needed.

Because yes, you can conquer mold with nature!


Yes! You can absolutely get better from mold with natural medicine alone.

I’ve gotten some messages recently from people totally wigged out that their mold-literate doctor didn’t put them on pharmaceuticals right away. And they thought, oh my gosh they’re not addressing my mold aggressively enough and this isn’t gonna work. And you know what, natural medicine gets it. 

Nature knew how to do mold before we created the drugs. Drugs are designed with one, single mechanism. One targeted thing that they do and they’re standardized and purified for that action. Which is why they’re so effective. Which is why we add them when we need them. Whereas herbs, they have many, many, many mechanisms of action; many ways that they help the body. They’re not only going to be addressing the one thing that we want, but they have all these other little things they sprinkle in that help. It’s perfect for mold-related illness because mold isn’t just about spores, allergies, spore fragments, lung irritation, gut problems, microbiome, about the off-gassing chemicals that mold creates like MPA or Mycophenolic Acid that’s extremely immunosuppressive, and the mycotoxins which are a toxin-based illness.

So herbs understand this. Herbs understand. They have to help with inflammation, oxidation so they’re antioxidants. They help with detoxification. They help the organs of detoxification. They help modulate the immune system. So one “antifungal” plant isn’t just knocking back the fungus, it’s doing all these other things. That’s why natural medicine is so perfect for mold-related illness. 

So if you’re working with your mold-literate doctor and you’re kinda wigged out that they didn’t start you with the big stuff right away, hopefully we never have to use that. The natural medicine knows how to do mold-related illness so you can conquer mold and take back your health!

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