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MPA Wrecks The Gut

MPA or Mycophenolic acid is a chemical secreted by happily living mold. That’s right – mold farts!💨

Aspergillus and Penicillium mold species – some of the most commonly found molds inside buildings – fart out this chemical at an alarming rate when they’re growing.

While not technically a mycotoxin, it presents similar problems for the body – notably, the GUT.
MPA compromises the intestinal membrane integrity leading to “Leaky Gut”.
Plus, our gut is where the majority of our immune system exists (which makes sense if you think of how many microscopic critters we probably eat every day.)

The problem – MPA also wrecks the immune system. In fact, it’s so effective and reliable at suppressing the immune system, they’ve made an organ-rejection drug out of it.


The combination of bad effects – the damaged lining and immune suppression – leads to a wrecked gut.

If you’re struggling with gut issues and are being exposed to mold, MPA may be at play.

PMID 28327659

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