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Know your toxin

Intention is everything.✨

And when it comes to the toxins found in damp buildings, intention becomes even more important.

Intention helps us determine the level of threat. The more menacing the intention behind the toxin, the more harmful is the toxin.

That’s why I give mycotoxins so much press.

Mycotoxins are formed with the intention of harming or killing another living being. Yikes!

Mycotoxins are made on purpose, only in certain circumstances, and even though they cost the mold a lot of energy to make.

In comparison, the metabolic byproducts of Actinomycetes are similar to antibiotics, but they’re not selectively made in reaction to surroundings. They’re made as a normal part of the bug’s metabolism. This is kind of like how our skin has a certain pH to prevent things from growing on us.

Endotoxins from a different kind of bacteria are essentially left-over “body parts” from bacterial cell walls. They’re more like garbage.

Even though mycotoxins have the most menacing intention, all 3 types can affect our health. That’s why I put the tools in my book that address all the critters and toxins found in a damp building. Because these guys like to travel together.

The herbal antifungals I included in my book also have activity against bacteria, viruses, and some parasites.

That’s the wonder of nature. Nature’s intention is balance. Now that’s an intention!

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