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Gliotoxin Spike

Gliotoxin on the rise?

You’re not alone. Once you start mold treatment, all the fungi take notice and put up their guards. They put up their guards by making more mycotoxins to defend themselves.

Candida is one of these fungi. Candida is a normal resident of a healthy microbiome. We need a little bit of it. But after mold exposure, it gets into a bad habit of fear and defensiveness – in other words, making mycotoxin when it doesn’t need to.

Candida makes the mycotoxin gliotoxin.

As the bad guy biofilm characters reduce, if you aren’t supporting the microbiome sufficiently, candida will act out.

So the remedy is to help Candida get back into balance. That involves a sufficient amount of broad-spectrum antifungal herbs that help rebalance the flora. Combining this with gentle bile binding, the gliotoxin moves out pretty quickly. But Candida can be persistent.

After the season of sweets, Candida can overgrow again because the microbiome hasn’t yet fully rebalanced. Often we need to use herbal antifungals for months on end to get Candida back into its right proportions. An easy way is daily tea of holy basil or pau d’arco. One of my favorite supplement blends for long-term safe use is MycoDefense. It contains therapeutic amounts of herbs we eat every day, with a little added mycotoxin detox support.

So if your gliotoxin spiked. Don’t despair. It’s a sign the bigger badder fungi are moving out and you just might need a little extra support.


Did you get a spike in gliotoxin after you started all of your work getting better from mold? This can happen.

What’s happening is the bigger bully, the fungus bully, the mold is being knocked back and candida is like yeah, I have no competition. I got this whole beachfront property to myself. And so it brings all it’s friends and it starts making mycotoxins to defend its territory.

So if you saw a spike in your gliotoxin or maybe you didn’t even have gliotoxin show up on your first mycotoxin test, and it shows up on your next one, this may be because you’re not on strong enough antifungal therapy. That’s what I see a lot and that’s what I’m seeing a trend in right now.

So I just wanted to comment on this so you can kick back that gliotoxin and candida, break the mold and take back your health.

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