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Skin Is The Last Hurrah

As we heal from toxic mold exposure, the body – in its wisdom – will clear out the deeper, more critical areas of our bodies and push the clutter to the surface where it can be more easily excreted.

It will prioritize moving toxins out of important systems like the brain and nervous system, or the bone marrow and immune system – and push them to the skin.

Even though our skin appearance is really important to us, the body sees skin as utilitarian – a massive detox surface area with lesser chance of causing harm.

🤨 This is one of those times when we are not on the same page as our body!

Sometimes a skin rash is the first sign of mold exposure, before anyone realizes it’s mold. This is more common in kids.

But often, the skin will be the last route of exit and a sign that mold toxins are on their way out. Sometimes skin will take the brunt of the detox if the liver and gut aren’t keeping up.

If you’ve been hitting the detox hard, and your skin is out of control, your body may be posting a sign that it needs more support.

When my patients break out in a new rash, my first question is – are you being exposed again? And my next questions are – are we pushing detox too hard? not enough? how’s the gut? Often, adjustments need to be made. But we also turn to peloid therapy.

Peloids, or mud baths/packs, are used when the skin needs a little assist. Certain healing muds have a drawing effect, pulling toxins out, while also nourishing the skin. Historically this has been done by either bathing in “muddy water” or slathering healing mud on the skin and letting it sit, wrapped up and kept warm. These therapies are nurturing, gently detoxifying, perfect for chilly days, and just plain fun!

If your skin is the last hurrah, engage your inner child, play with mud, and help it out.


Our skin is the last hurrah for detox.

As your body pushes the mycotoxins from the more damaging tissues like the brain, the heart, it pushes things out to the skin surface that is less damaging to it but more damaging to us because it affects how we look in our skin. It’s terrible.

So if that’s happening to you right now that your skin is really expressing something and it’s not something that you want to show up to a holiday party with, it could be that you are pushing detox too hard. This is not the best season for heavy detox. This is a great season for things like peat mud that are nourishing and drawing toxins from the skin. Not so much a time to be really pushing detox real hard.

So that’s one little tip that I have. Just know that the skin is the last hurrah. That will be the last place that mold will leave your body. But it might be that you’re overdoing the detox.

Just for this season nurture, love on your body, get sweat going and break the mold so you can take back your health.

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