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How To Break Up Biofilm?

If you’ve gotten to the biofilm busting part of your treatment, congrats! And if you’ve gotten here relatively smoothly, super congrats! 🎉 

This phase can feel like uncharted territory if you don’t have guidance – guidance from your mold-literate practitioner of course – but also the guidance that comes with understanding how bodies heal.

Bodies heal by peeling back layers. As you bust biofilm, old symptoms that you thought you already put to bed can wake up again…and that’s natural.

What to do about them showing up is where things can get squirrelly. 🐿
Do you soldier through?
Do you pivot?
Do you hold off on busting for a bit longer?
Is it a reaction to the biofilm buster itself?

These are all questions that arise as you start to peel.

→ If stuff is arising that you knew before,
→ in a less severe manner than before,
→ you’re doing well on antifungals,
→ your Fundamentals are still in place (sleep, poop, movement, diet, laughter)
→ and you feel mentally clear,
→ that’s a good sign to keep at it.

If any of those aren’t true, hold off awhile and get them back in shape. No need to suffer through a Herx.
Slow and steady wins the mold race.


Okay, how do you break up biofilm?

I got a lot of questions after my last post. How?

Lots of different ways that you can do this. But typically we think about the first phase of biofilm “chewing up” is with enzymes. A lot of people with mold sickness have hypercoagulability meaning kind of like thick blood. They also have biofilm presence of colonization in their sinuses, their gut lining. 

We start with enzymes. But with moldies you may have to be a little bit careful about what kind of enzyme that you use because a lot of enzymes out there are synthesized from fungus. Doesn’t work for every person who has had mold sickness. Works for a lot of y’all but not everybody.

So you can use things that are plant based like bromelain, papain. Bromelain’s from pineapple. Papain from papaya. And you can go all the way to the stronger spectrum which is using, it’s gross, but dried earth worms. There are products out there that are capsulated earth worms. This is Chinese medicine. And they work really well and they haven’t been synthesized by fungus at all. 

So how do you break up biofilm? Work with your doc. But those are some of the things that we use in helping people break the mold, take back their health.

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