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How Low Is Your C?

How low is your vitamin C?

I wish there was a standardized blood test to answer to this question. Despite their importance, nutrients don’t seem to be monitored as much as things like cholesterol.

While there are some functional labs that offer levels, most doctors just aren’t familiar with them.

The result? A whole lotta people out there running around deficient in vitamin C. (Check my previous post for symptoms.)

Thankfully, brilliant minds are worried about this too. Check out an at-home test, taught to me by Dr. Russel Jaffe, referred to as the C Flush.
Dr. Jaffe does this with buffered vitamin C. I’ve also had patients use regular vitamin C, but not Emergen-C or liposomal C.

The liposomal form of C is a good supplement option for mold-sick people since nutrient absorption can be compromised by mold.

And for people sensitive to the synthesized form of C, whole food forms are available with plants rich in C such as camu camu, acerola, and my favorite- rose hips! 🌹


Vitamin C follow up. I know I’m going to get a lot of questions.

How do I know if I’m low on vitamin C? 

Check out Dr. Russel Jaffe’s information online and the bowel tolerance test. It’s basically taking regular old vitamin C, 1,000 milligrams every hour til you get a bowel flush. 

That doesn’t work with liposomal forms. Liposomal forms are really nice for people that have a lot of digestive issues and absorption issues, so malabsorption of the vitamin C and it just runs right through you. 

And there’s also food sources. Some people don’t tolerate vitamin C because it’s ascorbic acid that is synthesized from fungus. So you can use food sources like acerola, camu camu, and also rose hips and black currants, I forgot black currants. I have no affiliation, I just love this company. Rose hips are super easy to use so you can make them as tea, add it to food, you can make jellies, jams, there’s solid extract you can give to kids; it really goes down easily. 

So there are lots of ways that you can get your C so you can break the mold and take back your health!

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