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Food Reactions? or Mold?

Are you reacting to more and more foods? It could be MOLD!

Mold mycotoxins cause leaky gut – meaning, normal everyday things that you’ve been able to eat with no problem, suddenly are innocently getting into spaces they never could before. And your immune system thinks they’re there to invade.👾 So it attacks.💥 And then you feel 😑-ICK-👎🏻 when you eat that food.

So you don’t eat that food anymore. Problem solved. Right?

Except! This will happen again and again with any other food that you eat on a regular basis. And pretty soon, you’re left with rice. 🍚 Yummy – but maybe not every day for every meal. 🤐

Removal of the food helps reduce the immune-based symptoms temporarily, but the real solution is to conquer mold!

I can’t eat that anymore.

Do you find yourself saying that more and more? 

Well, if you’ve been exposed to a water-damaged building, it could be mold affecting your gut. 

Mold mycotoxins cause inflammation and actually degradation of your gut wall which means leaky gut. So whatever you’re eating on a regular basis, those proteins get through where they’re not supposed to go and trigger your immune system and your immune system thinks it’s an offender like a virus or bacteria so its starts to tag it as a threat. 

So if you are dropping out more and more foods from your diet because you’re having food reactions and you’ve been exposed to a water-damaged building, rule out mold. Because you can break the mold and take back your health.

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