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When You Become The Sick Building

🤔Can you still be sick from a past mold exposure? Even if you haven’t been exposed for years?
YES! 😱

This is the concept called colonization. It’s when the critters from that moldy building move into your respiratory and digestive passages.

Then YOU become the sick building!

Not everyone gets to this point. But studies show that once you become symptomatic from that sick indoor space, something fundamental changes in your flora.

This is why I use antimicrobials and antifungals as the final step – to knock back the bad guys that don’t belong. So you can get back to a balanced, health-promoting micro- and myco-biome.
Conquer mold, take back your health!

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When You Become The Sick Building

I get a lot of questions on whether someone can still be sick from mold even if their exposure was years, maybe even a decade, before – and the answer is yes.

This is the concept of colonization. And it’s where literally the mycotoxins and the mold spores and all that inflammation that’s happening in the sinuses; your immune system there starts to get depleted and the barrier, the boundary, starts to get a little more permeable or penetrable. And then the things from that moldy building can move into you. That’s why I like to use antifungals.

You can get the whole protocol on how to break the mold in my book Break The Mold.

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