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ITCHY? A Keynote Symptom of Mold Exposure

One of the keynote symptoms of mold expressed on the skin is 👉🏻itchiness👈🏻. 

It doesn’t have to be a fungal rash. General itchiness and/or itchy spots where there’s clear skin is commonly seen with mold exposure. 

My patients have found help with foods high in quercetin. Mold-safe foods that are high in quercetin are green leafy veggies, onions, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, honey, citrus fruits, apples, berries and cherries.

Compliment that with a cup of green tea – a mycotoxin-repairing, quercetin-containing beverage – and say bye-bye to itching. (Note that grapes are also high in quercetin, but can get moldy quick. So unless it’s the season, be cautious with grapes.) Organic sources are best.

If adding these foods isn’t enough, you may need to supplement. I like to combine quercetin with nettles – another miracle plant for allergies and itchiness. Nettles work in concert with quercetin to support a calm, quieted histamine response. Nettles contain quercetin, so it stands to reason that the combination enhances the desired effects.

Break the mold, take back your health – and quell the itch!


One of the keynote symptoms of mold on the skin is itchiness. If we think about other frank fungal infections like we call it jock itch for a reason, vaginal candidiasis, these are all things that have to do with fungal overgrowth and itchiness. 

Well, if you’ve been exposed to a water-damaged building you can have general itchiness or even like strange itchy spots and that’s pretty common with mold. 

One of my favorite things to use with my patients is quercetin. It really chills out allergic and itchy kind of symptoms. Also, of course, my favorite, mud baths. 

So if you like me were out for a walk and forgot your essential oil mosquito spray, that might be why you’re itching. But if you’ve been exposed to a water-damaged building, it could be mold. 

Conquer mold, take back your health, quell the itch!

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