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What Exactly Are We Binding in Mold Illness?

I’ve noticed that the discussion on binders for mold treatment is getting very complicated. As nice as it is to know which binder binds a specific mycotoxin, we need to first be clear what we’re binding. What exactly are we binding in mold illness?

Most of the studies on specific binder-mycotoxin combinations are done for animal feed. If you’ve been affected by a water-damaged building, mycotoxins aren’t loose in your intestines, waiting to be bound, like we see with animal feed binders. They have been absorbed through respiratory passages and skin into the bloodstream, where they then get delivered to the liver to be packaged up in bile. The mycotoxin-carrying bile travels to the intestines to be trapped by a binder. Instead of being recycled back into the body, it’s excreted.

In mold illness from a water-damaged building, we’re really binding BILE. Our question should be: “What binds bile?”… unless of course, you eat animal feed.

What binds bile? Any insoluble fiber!
– Flax seeds
– Psyllium husks
– Oat bran

All the oldies but goodies for toxin-related illness.

For SIBO-safe options, finely ground seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame can be sprinkled over food throughout the day.

Aim for 2-4 Tablespoons of insoluble fiber daily, sprinkled over food with each meal. The wonderful thing about using food for bile binding is that they can be taken with food, because that’s when bile is released. Bile is released in response to food. That really takes the pressure off the “perfect timing” of binders.

What exactly are we binding in mold illness? Bile! Use food as medicine to break the mold and take back your health!

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